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The great one’s in sport, business, and entertainment understand there are limited windows for success. It takes a unique and special understanding of what it takes to be your best. The great one’s know that you have to have control of your mind before you can control your performance. Our decisions are principled around these core priorities. Riley Jensen Consulting is focused on the following areas for our clients:

  • Awareness
  • Goals
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Confidence Building
  • Resiliency Training
  • Dealing With Pressure
  • Imagery
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Pre-Performance Preparation
  • Decision Making
  • Injury Mental Training

Riley Jensen Consulting is commited to helping parents and coaches discover best practices for both parenting an athlete and coaching an athlete or team to become mentally tough. A series of science based and experience based sessions will be designed and executed for each athlete, team, or business.

Mental Toughness Sessions include but are not limited to (all sessions and mental toughness plans are catered to the individual athlete) using Dr. Keith Henshen’s 5 Cardinal Skills of Mental Toughness. Athletes will see immediate impact in the sessions listed below.  

  • 1st session is designed to help an athlete discover their character strengths, find their “why” and, develop a personal philosophy. This session is designed to help athletes understand their motives, and it is specifically developed to help athletes react appropriately and positively to any event that they encounter. 
  • 2nd session is focused on control. Many of us are so focused on what we can’t control, that we leave ourselves with no bandwidth to control what we can control. 
  • 3rd session is centered around focus and concentration. Have you ever noticed when you purchase a new car, that you notice how many are on the road after you have purchased it? It’s the same thing in sports and life, we need to focus on those things that are healthy for us mentally so we can reach our maximum potential physically. 
  • 4th session is focused on imagery. Science and research is clear, imagery is a great tool for performance. Our consultants will teach your athlete to master and utilize the power of imagery. 
  • 5th session is focused on Self-Talk. According to research, 77% of the time, we are feeding ourselves with negative self-talk. With over 66,000 thoughts in a day, we are bombarding ourselves with over 50,000 negative thoughts per day!!! What if we could reduce our negative self-talk from 77% to 50%? How much would your performance improve? It’s time to stop listening to ourselves and start talking to ourselves. 
  • 6th session is focused on Pre-Performance Routines. Your routine matters. In fact, your pre-performance routine can lower your sport-anxiety significantly. Our consultants can help you to develop a routine, and streamline it to reach your maximum potential. 


Pricing is available upon request. Please schedule a time to meet or request pricing tailored to your needs.

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