We had the good fortune of having Riley Jensen work with our basketball team this past season. I guess he was officially our team Sport Psychologist (Mental Performance Coach) but in reality he was much more than that. Riley was always “spot on” and quickly became an integral part of our program. We ended up having an outstanding year and I give a great deal of credit to Riley Jensen for the results we had.
— Norm Parrish, Head Coach, Westminster Basketball
Our Membership Service team recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Riley Jensen.. Riley is a long-time friend who went back to school several years ago to get his Masters in Sports Psychology. His messaging around “Self-Talk” and focusing on (W)hats (I)mportant (N)ow really resonated with the team as they are finishing our renewal campaign. The departure from traditional sales and service training was exactly what the team needed to push through the final few weeks. Thanks for joining us Riley.
— Chris Barney, Utah Jazz

I was 1/3 into the season ranked 12 in the world standings. I’d been in this position several times before and knew I needed something to reach my goal of returning to Las Vegas and the NFR with the opportunity of being a world champion. As the season progressed I got stronger mentally by knowing how to handle the negative energy when it came and changing my preparation. Thanks to Riley I entered the NFR or Super Bowl of rodeo ranked #2.
— Olin Hannum, Pro Steer Wrestler
Riley takes a sincere interest in each of his athletes. He has helped me get the mental edge I need to face the challenges of pro basketball everyday!
— Tyler Haws, Pro Basketball Player
As a coach sitting in on these sessions with our team while Riley was engaging our players in a discussion or team activity I was able to observe our team and gain insight on how our players were interacting as well as who were the guys stepping up to speak for the team. Riley is passionate about Sports Psychology, during his lessons with our team that passion shows through.
— Kellen Carsey, Head Coach, Juan Diego Catholic High School
My whole team looked forward to the presentations from you. These help them to accomplish some tough goals they had set out at the beginning of wrestling season. The mental imagery was great for them as they came down the stretch of a grueling season. This will continue to be a part of our program and we are looking forward to a lasting relationship with your program.
— Barry Harrington, Head Coach, Alta High School Wrestling
Riley is a great guy and an awesome trainer. Had a great day today with the Fusion Management team!
— Joe Covington, Fusion Imaging
Riley Jensen has been an intregal part in the process of building a culture and mentality to help our players reach their full potential both on the field and off. I would recommend Riley to anyone who wants to take their athlete’s performance to the next level.
— Alema Te'o, Head Coach, Alta High School Football
Performance consulting implemented wrong can have a negative impact on an organization. It can be irrelevant and even considered insincere by employees. We worked with Riley to develop a quarterly series where topics and content were carefully considered. Our team loves the approach Riley takes and we’ve all found that if reinforced often, behavior change and performance improvement follow.
— Aaron Jackson, CE0, Tiny Hero Foods / NorQuin
I just want to say what an asset Riley is to my children and their sport. As a sport psychologist, his ability to connect with and understand my kids is uncanny. Riley is obviously very experienced in his practice of sports psychology and I can not speak highly enough of how he has been able to help my children understand what is going on in their mental game. He has successfully been able to help them implement a plan that keeps the mental game working for them rather than against them. Riley’s past experience as a high level athlete himself also builds credibility with the kids, helping to form a wonderfully supportive connection. My kids always come away from their time with Riley happy, having seemingly really enjoying their time with him. As a parent of high performing athletes, I am truly grateful to have Riley as part of their coaching team. Thanks Riley!!!
— Emma Worsley
I was able to reach out to Riley and he has done a few sessions with my team. You know you have the right person when the team asked when Riley would be coming back. They saw the benefits immediately.
— Mitch Smith, Head Coach, East High School Basketball
Just a couple of sessions with Riley made a huge difference for my 15 year old son. We’re having him speak to our entire soccer team in just a few weeks and we tune into his podcast all of the time!
— Rachael Herrscher, CEO, Today's Mama
Riley has been a wonderful resource for our 17 year old athlete. He has been able to zero in and identify his “pain points” very accurately and effectively. Most importantly, his ability to connect and establish mutual trust with his student is what makes his techniques and strategies that much more effective. We feel fortunate to have him as part of our son’s team.
— Evi Vandecasteele