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Business & Team Consultations

The great team’s and corporations understand that their work is never finished. They also understand that the legacy and the success of a team is based on consistent results year after year after year. Successful teams are increasingly aware that they must improve, over time, both physically and mentally. Our approach is to help you and your team to develop “neck up” exercises that are often overlooked in both the team and corporate atmosphere. Our approach for professional and college teams, as well as businesses uses proven methods to help develop a growth mindset, progress,  and refocus the mindset in order to succeed day in and day out. 

Our corporate programs include:

  • Developing healthy expectations

  • Identifying and applying championship habits

  • Building and Developing Leadership

  • Eliminating external distractions

  • Sleep and nutritional strategies

  • Managing and developing growth

  • Balance

  • Embracing all events

We partner with businesses offering anywhere from 1 session to multiple sessions based on the direction and focus of each corporation.

We had the good fortune of having Riley Jensen work with our basketball team this past season. I guess he was officially our team Sport Psychologist (Mental Performance Coach) but in reality he was much more than that. Riley was always “spot on” and quickly became an integral part of our program. We ended up having an outstanding year and I give a great deal of credit to Riley Jensen for the results we had.
— Norm Parrish, Head Coach, Westminster College

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